Preoperative Heart Assessment

Preoperative Heart Assessment

Preoperative Assessment

33% of operations are cancelled on the day because patients aren’t fit for surgery. This is mainly because patients with high blood pressure or other heart problems, have not been diagnosed or properly managed.

If you have a Heart Condition, or significant risk factors for Heart Disease, you may need to have tests before your operation can go ahead.

Why do I need a Preoperative Heart Assessment?

An operation is a stressful event for the body. If you have Risk Factors like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure or High Cholesterol, your operation can trigger a heart problem during or after surgery. If you have a Heart Condition, your operation can make it worse.

At your Preoperative Heart Check-Up, I will review your medical history, your pre-existing conditions, and current medication. I will check you for Risk Factors and establish if you need more tests, or if medication needs to be changed before your operation.

If you have a Heart Condition, I will assess if you’re on the right treatment, or if treatment need to be changed prior to your surgery. Sometimes more tests are required.

What happens at my Preoperative Heart Assessment?

I establish what Risk Factors you have and calculate your preoperative Heart Risk. If you have a Heart Condition, I will ask you lots of question about your symptoms, medication and how your condition affects your daily life.

I will then conduct a thorough physical examination and carry out heart tests like an ECG (Electrocardiogram) and an Echocardiogram. Depending on your symptoms, I may need to carry out advanced heart tests like a Stress Echocardiogram.

Your Preoperative Heart Check-up will ensure that your Risk Factors and Heart Condition is optimised before you have surgery.

Your preoperative check-up will make sure that: